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Min Tong Siberian Ginseng 32 packs x 1.5g Item Name:
Min Tong Siberian Ginseng 32 packs x 1.5g
Item #:


Min Tong Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthro) granule extract is made from the world's best naturally grown variety from northeast China.

The Siberian Ginseng is widely used by people in Asia to help their endurance, fight fatigue and also provide a delightfal tasting beverage. each pack contains 1.5g of concentrated Siberian Ginseng through water extraction, no artificial chemical added.  It is equal to taking the essence of 7.5g of dried Siberian Ginseng with its original flavor each time.

Usage Directions : Dissolve one pack of Siberian Ginseng extract into one cup of water or juice, drinking once or twice a day as desired.

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