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Black Jujube - Net Wt. 1 lb./Bag Item Name:
Black Jujube - Net Wt. 1 lb./Bag
Item #:


Black Jujube

Botanical name
Zizyphus jujuba
Pin yin name
Da Zao
Pin yin description
(zao is the term for this widely used fruit, which looks similar to a date; da means big and refers to a large, black jujube, while hong means red and refers to a small red jujube; this fruit is differentiated from Suan Zao Ren, the seed (ren) of the sour (suan) jujube (zao), which has stronger sedative properties than Da Zao and Hong Zao)
Other common names
Chinese Date
Part used
(early autumn, when fruit has ripened)
Traditional Chinese uses
Supplement qi and tonify the center; nourish blood and quiet the spirit; used in formulas to harmonize the properties of other herbs
Traditional Chinese applications
Deficiency of spleen and stomach, with symptoms of poor appetite, lassitude, and loose stool; sallow complexion due to deficiency of blood
Possible unwanted effects
As with all dried fruits, excessive consumption can cause nausea, loss of appetite, and abdominal bloating

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