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Gourmet Food >> Birds Nest

  Birds Nest

  Description Item # Price/ ea.
Bird Nest 1 tael (37.5g) in Gift box
Selected AAA grade Indonesia bird nest.
B1BX0224 $125.00
Bird Nest 8 tael (300g) box pack
Selected AAA grade Indonesia bird nest. Ship overnight.
B1BX0224X8 $1,000.00
Brand's Bird's Nest Drink - (Net 6 x 2.5 fl. oz.)
Believed to be effective in cleansing the lungs, helping to act against coughs, colds, and influenza, also cleansing the blood, stregthening your body’s immune system. It is helpful to women throughout the term of their pregnancy.
B1BX0412 $49.99
Brand's Bird's Nest Drink - Sugar Free
Net 6 x 2.3 fl. oz. For over 500 years, the Chinese have treasured Bird’s Nest as a vˇlued delicacy and tonic.
B1BX0415 $49.99
Golden Nest Swallow Nest Soup - 230ml.
Top Quality Swallow's Nest Soup. 44% Swallow Nest Content.
B1BX0393 $39.99

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